Why Is Yemen So Violent? Because It Is So Poor and Thirsty | The Nation

Why Is Yemen So Violent? Because It Is So Poor and Thirsty | The Nation.

This is yet another massive failure in the so-called “development” and “security” strategies dreamed up by the richest, most powerful nations, including the USA. Rather than truly deal with the massive poverty, the drought that has yet again made refugees of yet another nation’s rural population, the United States and Saudi Arabia have been focused on “security” for their chosen incompetent leaders. They’ve done such a dismal job of even that, a US-led rescue attempt on December 5th of an American journalist and a South African teacher ended in disaster, the hostages killed. The US and Saudi Arabia-supported government has even lost control of its major city.

Why does the USA even give a damn about Yemen? Turns out it is cursed with a port that leads to the Red Sea, where 10% of the world goods, including oil, must pass to reach buyers. That should be a blessing, but as usual, that is not to be when powerful nations feel entitled to control its use. We Americans only tend to think of nations when we think of anything outside of our borders at all, but it’s the waterways, where oil tankers and ships full of vital materials and cheap plastic junk must travel, that dictate our trade and foreign policies.

If this were Iraq, you’d might have heard even a 15-second comment on this failed hostage rescue that ended in the death of an American, this collapse of an Arab capital city, even  in the dismal coverage of international news that appears in the USA corporate media. Chances are, even though it was an American hostage killed, you haven’t a clue. We tend not to trumpet our failures.

Read the linked article. You’ll see that Juan Cole’s brilliant idea of starting a massive emergency development project that entails solar-powered salt water desalination plants, working with all parties instead of only those approved of by the corrupt, worthless allies Saudi Arabia, would be successful, and humane. We could win hearts and minds. Then see why it’ll never happen, so long as we keep letting our government be run by fossil fuel and war profiteers, compliments Wall St., and of Iran-phobic Saudi Arabia and  Israel.

Will we ever learn?